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Buddy Program

The 'Buddy Program' is one of TUFSA's flagship projects. It is aimed at connecting International and Japanese students with each other to improve cultural exchange and understanding among Tohoku University students. With our program we intend to support both, newly incoming international students as well as students currently studying at Tohoku University.

You're looking for someone to help you brush up your Spanish, someone to play badminton with or you need help during your first few days in Sendai? Then sign up for the Buddy Program, meet new people and have a great time with your new friends!

Terms and Conditions
  1. Only students enrolled at Tohoku University or incoming students can participate in the TUFSA Buddy Program.

  2. Make sure you exchange all relevant contact information correctly, so we and your buddy can contact you!

  3. If you plan to meet your buddy, don’t forget it and show up on time!

  4. When you’re with your buddy consider cultural differences and sensitive topics, such as politics and religion! Don’t make your buddy feel uncomfortable or even intimidated.

  5. Don’t force your buddy to do anything he/she doesn’t want. This includes drinking, smoking, etc. Especially, be careful when dealing with underage.

  6. Meet your buddy in a safe environment, always making sure he/she is comfortable.

  7. Listen to your buddy and understand what your buddy needs.

  8. Have a good time and make new friends!


Who can become a buddy?

Any foreign student, who is enrolled at Tohoku University and eager to meet new people!

How can I become a buddy?

Please fill out the Buddy program application form on our website. We will have a look and will try to find a buddy according to your needs and interests. As soon as we have matched you with your buddy, both of you will receive each other’s contact details.

How can I get the perfect match? How should I fill up my application form? 

Try to be precise as possible and give a little introduction of yourself in the application form. That will help us to find the best match for you.

How will my buddy support me?

As incoming student you will probably have a lot of pre-arrival questions. Don’t hesitate to contact your buddy, if questions arise. Your buddy will try to help you with your questions and can give you information, such as where to find the closest 100 yen shop or delicious tempura.

Of course, everything is up to the two of you. Whether you only stay in touch for answering questions, go out for drinks or teach each other new languages and become best friends. TUFSA will organize events to give you the chance to have a good time with your buddy. Check our event section and Facebook fanpage for upcoming events.

How much time do I have to spend with my buddy? 

It is totally up to you and your buddy, it can be just an hour a week talking in a café or more often. If you mention in your application form, how much time you might be able to spend with your buddy, we will try to find someone according to your time.

Do I get paid?

No. The buddy program is fully voluntary and based on your motivation to make new friends. However, participation in the buddy program will pay you back in another valuable way: it will definitely help you during your arrival period, you’re going to have a great time and you’ll have the chance to improve your Japanese in a fun way!

I’m having problems with my buddy. What shall I do?

First of all, talk to your buddy directly. Explain the situation and try to find a satisfying solution for both of you. If you’re not able to solve things, don’t hesitate to contact us:

I’m not satisfied with my buddy, is there anything I can do about it?

If your buddy wasn’t what you expected, send us an email explaining the situation at We’ll see what we can do, please don’t ignore your buddy instead!

Any questions?

Contact us:


By participating in the TUFSA Buddy Program you agree that neither the Tohoku University Foreign Students Association (TUFSA) nor any of its representatives shall be liable for any loss, damage or injury sustained during activities related to the program. You are required to adhere strictly to the above mentioned rules. Failure to abide to these policies may result in you being asked to leave the program

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