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Project Philippines

   On November 7th 2013, when Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines at Guiuan, Eastern Samar, thousands of people had already sought refuge in local schools and gyms. They would just sit quietly and wait out the storm inside their designated shelters. Some were busy counting down the hours until they could return home. Some were busy making plans for the weekend. Some were just happy they could weather the storm together with their friends and family. Everybody had something different in mind, but each of them knew for sure they would be seeing their home again, although it would be inevitably scarred by what some claimed to be the fourth most intense tropical cyclone. But 500,000 of them didn't make it back home.

   Amidst all the grief, we are also reminded that million of people are still trying to live to see another day, to honour their lost loved ones, to continue the day-to-day struggle to make their world a better place.

   TUFSA wanted to lend a hand, but TUFSA couldn't do this alone. TUFSA has initiated "Project Philippines" to gather all the monetary and material resources for all the typhoon victims thanks to the generosity of Sendai citizen.

For more information about Project Philippines please check our gallery.

Medical support for the Philippines

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