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3/11  have we forgotten?

After the disaster in 2011, Minamisanriku received various kinds of support, mostly organized on a voluntary basis. Recently, the number of volunteers is drastically decreasing, still the demand for helping hands is very high in this region. The lowering number of volunteers is a result of supported short-term projects.

However, helping in a disaster area is not only about reconstruction, but also about revitalization. Often, the fact of psychological suffering and death due to mental breakdown is neglected, and local government rather focuses on rebuilding the city than providing people with psychological support in this tough period of life. Since the local people are starting to lose their motivation and purpose, many volunteers are needed to bring new enthusiasm, ideas and perspectives to help with the revitalization.

TUFSA has taken many advices from experienced partners working closely with locals and we believe that promoting diversity in those areas is the key to help. In addition, foreign students at Tohoku University have almost no chance to be involved in this kind of volunteer activity, because most of the programs are provided in Japanese.

TUFSA truly believes that bringing international students of Tohoku University to visit and interact with local people will benefit not only locals, but also the students to learn from their experiences about disasters and their impact.     

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